IJ Start Canon Set Up

IJ Start Canon Set Up

IJ Start Canon Set Up

IJ Start Canon Set Up– There are times when working with a computer or laptop you need a printer to print various things. Well, even though it seems easy, it turns out there are still too many users who have trouble connecting a laptop or PC with a printer.

The easy way to connect a printer to a PC is to connect the USB that the printer has directly to the PC. Usually, Windows will automatically detect new hardware and start the installation shortly after USB is plugged in. If not, spiders who use laptops with OS Windows 7 can follow these steps:

Connect the printer to the PC according to the instructions from the manufacturer

  1. Please Click Start- Control Panel- Hardware and Sound- Printers
  2. Click Add a printer
  3. On the Choose a printer port page, Please select Use an existing port and select the printer port that you installed on the PC then click ‘Next’.
  4. On page Install the printer driver, Please choose the printer model you are using then click Next
  5. Complete the next step and click Finish

If the printer that uses the spacer is the type that is connected via Wi-Fi then use the program Add a device to install the printer to the PC. How:

  1. Please Click on  StartControl Panel- Hardware and Sound Add a device
  2. Make sure the Wi-Fi and printer to be connected are on, then the printer icon that you are using will appear and you can just follow the instructions.

It turns out it’s not too difficult, right? Especially if your printer has been accompanied by an Install CD from where you bought it, you only have to follow the instructions on the Installation CD. Now you don’t need to be confused when connecting a printer to a PC!

If you don’t have installation cd, please download software instalation in IJ Start Canon Site.

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